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Immortal Productions 2011 Once We Were Kings

Once We Were Kings - Press Release

'Once We Were Kings' is the latest addition to the 'Shaheedi' series of CDs brought to you annually by Immortal Productions. Through traditional Panjabi Dhad, Sarangi and Kaveeshar, fused with contemporary music, we attempt to pay homage to our forgotten forefathers whose sacrifices and noble way of life surpasses even those of modern day revolutionaries.

This latest offering from Immortal Productions takes the listener on a historic and inspiring journey exploring past glories of the Sikhs as kings who once roamed bravely and freely with heads held high and the gift of crowns intact. Music on the CD is inspired by legends and harrowing stories from Sikh history full of valour, courage, fearlessness and steadfastness in upholding the principles of the Eternal teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji; tales, in which mighty generals like Baba Deep Singh Ji and Hari Singh Nalwa roared like lions, raising the Kesri Nishaan Sahib high and prefering to die on their feet rather than live on their knees.
It will be possible to obtain a copy of 'Once We Were Kings' from one of the BOSS (British Organisation of Sikh Students) Stalls during Vaisakhi nagar kirtans across the UK. The CD will also be available for purchase online from the Immortal Productions and BOSS Stall websites.

Track List 
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  1. G.N.E. – Intro - Download
  2. Inder Kooner & Harj Nagra – Darh Tere Teh - Download
  3. Tigerstyle – 2 Tigers - Download
  4. Romesh Chohan & Harv Randhawa – Bhagat Soorme - Download
  5. Lalli Sardar & H Jheeta & Kam Singh – Singh King - Download
  6. Bakshi Billa & Moneyspinner & Time Productions – Sava Lakh - Download
  7. Saint Soldier & Gupsy Aujla – 1984 Baby - Download
  8. Jagowale Jatha & Inside-Man – Baba Deep Singh Ji - Download
  9. Ali Abbas & Xs-Bass – Salute - Download
  10. Sarvar & H Jheeta & Kam Singh – Raj Karega Khalsa - Download
  11. Ravinder Singh Diwana & Inside-Man – Hari Singh Nalwa - Download
  12. Inder Kooner & Gupsy Aujla – Darh Tere Teh - Download
  13. Rex Nova & Shinda Singh – Jaag - Download
  14. Gurdev Tohfa & Highflyers – Talwaar - Download
  15. Realist & Immortal Productions – Institutionalised - Download
  16. Jass Sandhu & Inside-Man – Khalsa Raaj - Download

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Immortal Productions 2011 Once We Were Kings


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