Souljas Rise-G.N.E. mp3 download

G.N.E. - Souljas Rise

1. G.N.E. - Rapid-Fire
2. G.N.E. - Metropolis ft. L-FRESH
3. G.N.E. - Souljas Story
4. G.N.E. - Memory Lane
5. G.N.E. - P.O.W. ft Nayr Cross
6. G.N.E. - Turban
7. G.N.E. - Memories of You ft. Soul Man
8. G.N.E. - What I Feel
9. G.N.E. - Queens ft. A.V.A.
10. G.N.E. - Around the World
11. G.N.E. - Leaving it all Behind
12. G.N.E. - Disasters ft. MajaBlaze
13. G.N.E. - Precious Time ft. Ruff Riddems

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Who is G.N.E.?
G.N.E. is a group of musicians, poets, and producers who utilize their music to both relay their views of today's world as well as enlighten others about Sikhi. Not only do they empower Sikhs and spread awareness, but they also address key concerns and issues in our society.   


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