Khalistan Airlines

 Air Khalistan represents the Sikh Nation's committment to fast and comfortable travel for all passengers, state of the culinary art Khalistani Cuisine, enroute strengthening and stretching exercise facility and new nondenominational breakthrough scientific Khalistani Meditation to further enhance the relaxation, to optimize circadian rythm, and minimize the jet lag for the passengers. The Khalistani Airliners will provide state of the art latest nano internet technology including laser and gigaflop transfer of data. Enroute learning, sharing, teleconferencing and select individual entertainment will be standard on super- supersonic Khalistani Jets, the shear dreamliners.Outer space flying will also be an option, where airplane speed of Mach 3-5 will be the standard norm. It will minimize the travel time and make business travel more efficient. Air Khalistan look forward to serving you with enthusiasm in the future.

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